Before and After

Planning any party, Occasion or Function can be a stressful enough exercise without having to worry about cleaning and making it presentable. Thats where Hire a Maid comes in. We will be in and out before you know it and have the place looking tip-top no matter what the occasion.

After Party Cleaning

After Party Cleaning is one of our specialised services. We specialise in post event cleaning of all types including Sport events, Concerts, Shows, Exhibitions, Festivals, Corporate Events, Office Parties, Weddings, Birthdays, Baby Showers and many more.

Pre-Party Cleaning

Its hard enough planning an event, nevermind having to ensure the place is clean before everyone arrives. Let Hire a Maid take care of the hassle for you. We have a comprehensive list of services to ensure your event/occasion kicks off without a hitch.

Services to Suit Your Requirements

Our friendly cleaning teams are able to offer all of our cleaning services, tailored to meet your cleaning requirements. We are able to undertake small and large cleaning projects to a professional standard. Hire a Maid  can help with your arrangements including:

  • Pre-Event cleaning
  • Venue decoration
  • Collection Service (Balloons, flowers, cakes)
  • Thoroughly cleaning the venue after the event and much more.

All our services are tailor-made to our clients needs. So please call us at any time to discuss your Event/Party Cleaning Requirements. We provide the help so that you can enjoy your self! Our After Party Cleaning service is available 7 days a week, 24hrs.