"Every week it is a pleasure to come home to the wonderful clean house the girls leave for me! I just love the fact that I can spend the weekends focused on my little ones and spending time with them before my work starts again! I tell everyone how happy I am with your service and I will continue to do so! Thanks again - your girls do an amazing job - we love it!

 Emma Hannent - Birkhenhead


"Can i just say that i've been really pleased with the cleaning
your girls do. Nice job done by the ladies"

Sally Wheeler - Beach Haven

"Thank you sooo much for the fabulous cleaning job!!!! Everything was sparkling and our weekend was very stress free. I can't wait for you to come again" 

Thea and Shane Kiliant - Torbay

"Thanks so much, your girls do a great job. They do a great job getting the cat fur out of the carpet, it always looks 100% better after they have been in. We are very happy with the cleaning. Thanks"

Louise Baileys - Beach Haven

"Thank you, I've been wanting to let you know how pleased we all are with the Spring Clean you did on Saturday.
We are throughly impressed and our homes looks beautiful again! I have paid the invoice today with pleasure."

Dr Pete Storey - St Mary's Bay

"Thank you so much for the cleaning - the place looks beautiful!
I think the cat enjoyed having you there. She seemed very happy
when i got home!"

Kathleen and Steve - St Mary's Bay

"Thanks so much. The house looks great when i got home last night. The fridge has never looked cleaner so thank you so much for doing this"

Kim Leybourne - Birkenhead

"Dear Lili and your lovely crew of ladies. Thank you so much for another year of wonderful service. We hope you have a relaxing holiday season"

Natasha Alley - Auckland Central

"We are very happy with the good work the latin ladies are doing on the house. Please pass this onto them. 

Mike and Audrey - Birkenhead

"Good morning lovely ladies. Thank you so much for your wonderful cleaning- it is so nice to come home to a beautiful clean home"

Katharina Stockhouse - Beach Haven

"Thanks so much for your efforts in cleaning up the house. We are very happy
with the work you and your team did as it was no mean feat due to the
awful state it was left in by the previous owners"

Alan and Trish - Albany

"Thanks for cleaning our house so well.
Thanks and Merry Christmas"

Anne Marie McCulloch - Northcote

"Thanks for cleaning my house so beautifully in the past few weeks"

Aviva - Beach Haven

"I've been meaning to contact to say that the house has been looking amazing!"

Nicci Hill - Albany

"Thanks so much for everything you do
for Mila and me"

Charlotte Lawrence - Parnell

"Thank the girls for doing such a
wonderful job"

Marianne - Birkenhead

"The house was a dream to come back into on Friday evening"

Emma and Chris - Birkenhead

"Just wanted to say how fabulous the house looks!!! Thank you so much.
Your girls did a wonderful job! The carpet looks so much cleaner and the whole house feels so much easier to breathe in, and not so dusty.
Thank you and the girls please"

Grant, Sheryl and Taj - Northcote

"The girls have done a good job with the doors and windows and the oven. Thanks so much"

Louise Baileys - Beach Haven

"The girls are doing a great job... thanks for cleaning the fridge last week which was great"

Diana Goulding - Northcote

"Just a note to thank you and the girls for taking such good care of the house while we were away. It was great to come home to a lovely clean house. Thank you also for folding the washing, and doing the ironing"

Lorraine White - Northcote

"Last Friday was GREAT - i really think that the girls take a lot of care and the result is really good. I LOVE the help you are giving and the place looks great - wonderful. Thank you so much"

Andrew Guest - Mission Bay

"Dear Lili thank you again for making such a lovely job of keeping
my house clean. Many thanks Lili. I hope you and your girls have
a lovely Christmas"

Bev Melville - Bayswater

"Our house has never looked so clean! Thank you to you and your cleaners. I came home from work today and didn't have to lift a finger, so i just ran a bath. Wonderful! We look forward to having you back in two weeks"

Gina Dellabarca - Grey Lynn

"It was an absolute pleasure getting home on Friday, and a lovely weekend not having to worry about cleaning... please let the girls know as well that i was very pleased.
Thanks a lot"

Cathy Lewis - Albany

"My house feels beautifully clean the girls are doing a great job!
Many thanks Lili, and i wish you all a wonderful. Happy New Year, with Love"

Bev Melville - Bayswater

"Merry Christmas to Lili and the wonderful team at Hire a Maid. Thank you for doing such a lovely job of our house

Melanie and MalcolmEcostore Founders

"Thanks so much for the wonderful job you do each week,
it helps me so much and i can already feel my stress dropping
knowing you are coming today
. Love"

Kathy McDonald - Hillcrest

"Thank your employees for the work they are doing in my house"

Chris Dyer - Albany

"The house was just amazing yesterday. So lovely to come home too! Thanks"

Nicci Hill - Albany

"I am very happy with the work your employees did last time they cleaned the house"

Deborah Harema - Devonport

"The house looks amazing, thanks soooooo very much. Your girls have changed my life"

Thea Kiliant - Albany

"We are very happy with the girls. Very happy, lots of smiles and chatty girls. Always asking if everything is ok and what they can do to help.
We really enjoy them doing our cleaning"

James and Sarah Gow - Albany

"We are happy with the service you provide and won't be looking to change to another company. Thanks very much"

Alan and Trish Boniface - Albany

"Hi Lili, Thanks for last week. Excellent. Always good and great to have you guys with me"

Andrew Guest - Mission Bay

"Please tell the girls they are fabulous. They did a brilliant job.
Thank you once again for your wonderful service"

Sheryl and Taj - Birkenhead

"I just wanted to say that i am really impressed with the girls who clean my house, please say thanks and tell them how much i was impressed"

Deb Harema - Devonport

"Wow its like a different house, so clean, shinny and smells so wonderful.
Your team has done an amazing job and please pass them my big thanks,
its so lovely living in a wonderful clean shiny home"

Deborah Costello - New Lynn

"Hi Lili, thanks lovely clean windows and house. Feeling much better"

Katharina Stockhouse - Beach Haven

"Can I just say that the girls have been doing a fantastic job. Thank you"
Thea and Shane Kiliant - Torbay

"Hi Lili, You have always been so good to me and I will always be
loyal with you. You have my business"

Megan Nation - Takapuna

"I have loved the service I have had and I am a very loyal person. I look forward to our continued relationship"

Charlotte Lawrence - Parnell

"We’re entirely happy with the service you provide- the girls go the extra mile,
even making our bed or doing a couple of dishes left on the bench sometimes.
We are completely happy. Thanks!"

Sian Roosenbrand - Albany

"The clean was great. We were very impressed. Thanks"

Emma McLaughlin - Auckland City

"You can rely on me for loyalty and I will remain yours"

Andrew Guest - Mission Bay


"Friday was great - Thank you. Windows excellent!"

Andrew Guest - Mission Bay

"I am happy with the service you provide"

Russell Hay - Takapuna

"We are happy with the girls, they're lovely!"

Tim and Jane (Ex Design) - Northcote


"You do a lovely job! Thank you"

Josephine Grierson - Devonport

"Lili, we remain with you and know you will continue to provide a reliable and excellent service as always. If you ever need someone to be a verbal reference,
I would be more than happy to assist."

Sinead Stainton - Albany

"Hi lili the girls have done a great job. Thank you for your professional, caring service, your girls have been great.

Barbara and Jim - Devonport

"I have always been impressed with the service you and your girls provide and see no reason to shift"

Ruth Bonita - Devonport

"Thank you so much for doing a wonderful job. We were very very happy. Please thank your girls for making the house ‘sparkle’ and in particular for their professionalism"

Christine - Devonport


"Hi Lili, we appreciate your work and pleasant manner very much. May God grant you deep inner peace as you continue your work. Many thanks"

Michael and Audrey Shammy - Northcote


"The house looked spectacular thanks! The fridge, the oven and the bathroom and the cupboards. AMAZING. So thank you so much.Thanks again for all your help –
it was a pleasure dealing with you"

Dr Clinton - Auckland City

"I am very happy with your service and love dealing with you.

Angie Stevens - Albany


"Thank you the cleaning is just great!  Thanks again. I can’t wait until they are there tomorrow"

Andrew Guest - Mission Bay

"The girls continue to do a great job, many thanks"

Anna Stanley - Nothcote

"Look forward to seeing your lovely girls on Thursday morning"

Kate Freeman - St Mary's Bay

"The girls did a really fantastic job with the oven, please let them know
they did a really great job last week. One of the staff here at work was looking
for some recommendations for a cleaner, so I recommended your company
and gave her your details. I’m happy to recommend your company
to anyone looking for a cleaner

Louise baileys - Beach Haven

"Thanks, The house looks good and the kids love climbing into tidy beds once the girls have been here. Thanks again"

Denise Paterson - St. Heliers

"We are really happy with the ladies. They are very through. I cannot think of any improvements really. Thanks"

Anne (The Cossak Consultancy) - Takapuna

"The girls did a really super job on Friday, we were very happy with their work. My house is looking so good I am really pleased.  Thanks for checking up on it"

Louise Baileys - Beach Haven

"Just wanted to say thanks for the work you and your ladies have done for us around the house over the last few months- much appreciated"

Chris Dryer - Torbay

"The cleaning has been fantastic, I am really please with the service the girls are doing. We do like what they are doing so if they continue doing what they are doing that is fantastic. Have a safe and happy Easter. Thanks so much"

Vi Sinclair - Forrest Hill

"The cleaning was perfect! Cleanest it’s ever been! Thank the girls for me please"

Sian Roosenbrand - Albany

"I appreciate how fantastic the house has been looking. Happy Easter! With thanks"

Nicci Hill - Albany

"I just wanted to let you know (for a along time) that we are really happy (and grateful) with the job you are doing. Many thanks"

Henrike Zibolsky - Takapuna

"Thanks for the great job your ladies do each fortnight. It is greatly appreciated"

Natasha Alley - Auckland City

"Good morning ladies, thank you so much for the wonderful clean last time -
it made my heart sing to come home to a very clean home.
Many thanks"

Kathy McDonald - Hillcrest

"Thanks for doing a fantastic job. It’s a big house and we really appreciate your help. Thanks"

Katharina Stockhouse - Beach Haven

"The house is shining! Thank you so much  -  everything is

Dr Kira Bacal - Hillcrest

"I want to say a huge thank you. You, your girls and your service is second to none. Many many thanks"

Anna Stanley - Birkenhead

"Hi Lili, I was very pleased with the cleaners and the cleaning! – they are so lovely! Thank you very much"

Bridget - Birkenhead