Last Minute Cleaning Services

It happens to the best of us. You’re up against the clock, the kids are sick, and the housework has suffered...

You need to whip your house into shape as soon as you can, but you’ve still got a lot to do before you can even think about shining up the kitchen sink. Finding last-minute cleaners near you can be extremely difficult. Besides running up against scheduling problems, very few companies have the staff size and organisation to provide immediate help to those who need it. Fortunately, the professional teams at Hire a Maid are here for you.

Our Promise to You

The highly trained teams at Hire a Maid have received excellent reviews and consistent referrals for over 10 years. We’re members of the community, just like you, and your complete satisfaction is what we strive to attain. 

When you’re ready to let someone else handle the dirty work, give us a call. Tell us what kind of last-minute cleaning service you need to shine up your home for your visitors or event, and we’ll provide a free quote to get you started. 

For Emergency Cleaning Call - 021 610 092